About us

Who we are

Our goal is to create clean safe affordable accommodation suitable for single professionals and families with a bent towards rustic design whist retaining best in class services and facilities. As a small business in a capital intensive industry it takes huge amount of resources updating our facilities. When booking with us please keep in mind we are a 3 star facility. We are not the “All Seasons” set against a backdrop of the Harbour Bridge pouring Dom Perignon. Not that this would be a bad thing!! However, its important that we can paint a realistic picture to our customers about what they will receive. We certainly do not carry the 5 star price tag so please in turn be realistic when it comes to your expectations for a family run property that we have put a lot of work into but certainly we might add not bank rolled with the backing of big business.  IN advance we want to thank you for your business. Every dollar our customers spend with us we know can be rolled into improving the business and facility for your next stay. Our promise is that we do work very hard to try to think of the small things that will make your stay with us very comfortable and equally memorable. Please be courteous with your reviews and constructive. If you have things to suggest please talk to us directly. The world has become embroiled in reviews. We dont review you as a customer so please speak to us in person if you have suggestions or constructive criticism. We will respect you a whole lot more and you will be looked after with so much more care and dedication.  When you stay with us we are try every day to improve the services we offer.

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